John has been a self confessed puppet fanatic since he 'was a tiny little boy'.

Through the 80s John was a director at the world famous Little Angel Puppet Theatre in London.

He moved to Devon in 1990 and set up PuppetCraft -  a touring puppet company.

PuppetCraft comprises of a team of makers, puppeteers and musicians who make and perform shows that travel all over the UK, and occasionally over the sea to other lands.


John is noted as a designer and maker of finely crafted puppets, and has taught skills workshops to adults for around 30 years.


He has spent his career making puppets for film, West End theatre and TV and keenly passes on his expertise though contact with the team here at Broken Puppet.

Most recently, john has hand crafted a beautiful carved puppet for our upcoming tour of 'Ephelant!', and is set to continue working with us for as long as our funding allows, and we are so thankful to have his support. Clare and Marie continue to attend John's week long training course every year, which has been so worthwhile to our development it has become a kind of 'Puppetry Pilgrimage' for us!

We highly recommend PuppetCraft's performances and Training workshops to anyone remotely interested in Puppetry - we couldn't ask for a better Mentor! 


"I first met Clare and Marie when they came on one of my summer puppet making courses, and was thrilled to be invited to become a part of their story as the Broken Puppet Theatre Company steps out onto the public stage for the first time."

John Roberts


If John was a puppet, she would probably be...
"...The most exquisitely hand crafted traditional Bunraku puppet you've ever seen, probably holding a little chisel and sporting a very nice beard!"