Thanks to funding from The Big Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, and Devon Community Foundation (Drakes Fund), we have finally been able to adapt our little studio - which now takes over the entire ground floor of Creative Director Clare's house! - to be a more accessible work space for our disabled practitioners and puppet makers. The studio is sadly not open to the public (we are not permitted under rules of our tenancy agreement to open it) but we are now able to invite volunteers to come and help us, and have several creative workstations set up, including a woodworking bench, a table top stop motion and filming rig, a film editing desk, and two height adjusted desks which double up as performance platforms. We even have a couple of comfortable chairs and a coffee table squeezed in for our collaborators to enjoy, and are thrilled to have had so much support in setting this space up to maximise our creative potential!


We don't publish our address as we work from a private home. However, there are plenty of lovely places in Plymouth and surrounding areas to meet with us - just let us know your preference!

Our studio is not open to the public, but please contact our Creative Director Clare McCarthy for details of how to meet us and our general availability.


Clare can be reached on 07904 911 555 between 11am and 11pm every day, unless she is unwell. In which case, please leave a message or email us, and we will be in touch as soon as we are able again.

Please remember that we all have complex health issues, which do occasionally require us to go 'off-grid' for short periods of time. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.


We like to keep things as friendly and informal as possible around here. We find it adds to the spirit of inclusion and sense of fun we like to, if you'd like to find out more about us, what we do and how we could work together, just drop us a note and we'll set a date for coffee and cake!*
(*Or whatever else takes your fancy!)

'Broken:Live!' Project is now... live!

We're working with online creative collaborators who are housebound through chronic illness to produce a new show...

Our new show reel will be coming soon to this page, and we're launching a brand new YouTube Channel all about puppetry and theatre production too!

We're a community orientated company at heart, and love to collaborate. so please get in touch

and let's see what we can create together!

We're currently developing two highly significant theatre production projects for people living or working with chronic illness and invisible disabilities;

The first is 'Ephelant!' - is an uplifting, life affirming story of how one nine year old girl imagines her mysterious, undiagnosed health problem as a metaphorical 'Elephant who got his letters all in a muddle'. This production is for primary school aged audiences and encourages a positive attitude towards inclusion of poorly children in school and social activities, introducing effective coping strategies for both the patients and their support networks. We're inviting children with chronic illnesses to design characters to appear in the show. We're also looking for more volunteer makers and performers to help us reach more children in need with this project.

The second project - 'Broken: Live' - is currently working via a secret facebook group to gather creative input from adults living with or housebound by chronic illness, and aims to explore the key themes and issues they want featured in a live theatre performance that will tour seminars, conferences and training spaces to help improve the care patients with complex needs receive. The project runs online so link yourself with us on social media to find out more about how you could get involved! 


Welcome to Broken Puppet Theatre Company. We are a small team of creative professionals who live with chronic illness and invisible disabilities. We work with theatre, film and puppetry to support children, families, schools and communities who are learning to share their world with chronic illness and invisible disabilities too. Our aim is to provide creative expression and escapism wherever they are needed.
"Everything Broken has a Story..."

"Psst! We're always adding to our offerings, so please get in touch if you need something new or different!"


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